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My name is Sonny Montevirgen, and I’m the one who bakes and creator of Benefit Donut! I just wanted to share my favorite snack but with a healthier twist! 

I have been in the Food industry for almost 14 years and have a passion in the Fitness industry for over 7 years as well. I started my career at Panera Bread as a Sandwich Maker and after 8 years of experience from restaurants and various corporate cafés, I had achieved my goal as an Executive Chef for 3 years and switched over to a Food Service Manager. While on the flip side the fitness industry had played a huge part of my life and was introduced by my friend in a division called Men’s Physique. After my first journey last August 2017, I had managed to compete and lost weight from 233 lbs down to 149 lbs (stage weight) and after that it’s all history. I did another competition last 2018 of June in Houston, Texas, and from that point on I started coaching people from lifestyle to competition prep as well. 

I had asked myself what can I help our community during an unprecedented time by not sacrificing our favorite childhood snacks/candies that are delicious but yet are dangerous when its consumed not in moderation? Who does not love donuts and coffee? Better yet with a tea when it's a fusion flavor or the best part is if you can actually pair it with a glass of milk for a midnight snack? Those are all my concerns and Benefit Donut was born. 

By working with numerous clients and doing fitness challenges in the past years, I had come to conclusion that most of my clients had sweet cravings and wanted to make sure they are capable of fitting a snack on their macros (flexible diet) that are healthy and delicious. 

My goal for Benefit Donut is to support all ages from toddlers, parents that are having a hard time feeding their young children enough vegetable on their daily meals, fitness enthusiast that are on a diet, the gluten-free individuals that are sensitive but love donuts as well, and most importantly the venerable man and woman that are lacking of options due to health conditions. By adding just two (2) donuts to your meals, this will allow your body to consume your daily vegetable greens needs. 

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